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Terms and Conditions for Bookings

Who we are

Vastardis Yachting is a family business that has been in the yachting industry for more than 30 years (since 1990). Our philosophy consists of one central idea; the Greek “philoxenia,”  meaning clients are our guests, and we strive to offer them the most wonderful experiences while at the same time ensuring their safety!

The fleet

With a fleet that is kept in immaculate condition at all times by a devoted technical department (you will be surprised to see that we still have one of our first yachts from 2002 in excellent condition), we are gradually expanding to a variety of exciting locations all across Greece in an effort to provide our customers with more sailing itineraries. Therefore, despite the fact that our headquarters are located at the Alimos marina in Athens, our yachts can also be found on the islands of Kos (Dodecanese islands), Mykonos & Paros (Cyclades islands), and Corfu (Ionian islands).

Furthermore, we have been working hard to grow our business in Croatia since 2016, where we have one of our yachts based in Split (ACI marina).


  • All prices are in Euro
  • Prices and terms are subject to change without prior notice.
  • In the unlikely event of an administrative error leading to an incorrect price being published, we reserve the right to correct it.


  • All payments are in euros. All amounts must be received in full, in cleared funds net according to agreements.

Charter Price Payment

  • 35% of the flat fee within 7 days after the booking confirmation.
  • Balance payment 30 days prior to embarkation.

Extras’ Payments

All extras are paid upon arrival at the marina to the base manager in cash (crew arrangements, optional equipment, and services) unless agreed differently with the charter department.

Cancellation Policy

  • 35% Cancellation fee up to 90 days prior to embarkation 
  • 100% Cancellation fee up to 30 days prior to embarkation

Charter Rate Discounts

  • 2 week charter: -5%
  • 3 weeks and above charter: -10%
  • Early booking (till the end of March each year): -10%
  • Boat show: -5%
  • Repeat Vastardis Yachting Client: -5%
  • Maximum total discount combined: -20%


According to the charter party, yachts are delivered at 17:00 hrs. The yacht will be delivered clean, disinfected, with fresh, clean linens, and full of fuel and water.


The charter ends at 9:00 hrs.
The yacht is to be redelivered in the same condition as received, full of fuel and water.

Return to the Disembarkation Port; Check In/Out

  • Compulsory return to redelivery base the evening before disembarkation, latest by 18:00 hrs.
  • The time needed for check-in and check-out procedures is deemed part of the charter period.

Charter Bases

Vastardis Yachting bases: Athens, Kos, Corfu, Mykonos, and Paros.

Security Deposit

Before embarkation, the charterer will deliver at Charter Base a security deposit of the amount listed on the price list and confirmed by the offer statement. Only credit cards (VISA or Master Card) are accepted. The security deposit is non-commissionable and applicable per insured event (damage or loss). Should an incident covered by the security deposit occur during the charter, the charterer must replenish the security deposit to the initial amount to continue the charter, having sufficient coverage for any other incident. In any other case, the stakeholder and/or owner retain the right to treat the charter agreement as having been breached by the charterer and end the charter.

At the end of the charter, such deposit shall be refunded to the charterer without interest, if not required to be used for any liability, indebtedness, loss, or damage caused because of any breach of booking conditions or because of any damage or loss caused to the yacht or its contents by the charter clients and skipper.

If required to be used for an amount of liability, indebtedness, damage, or loss that is less than the security deposit, the charterer shall be refunded, as relevant, part of the security deposit as soon as reasonably possible after the damage has been repaired, the repair costs have been ascertained, or the liability, indebtedness, or loss has been settled or ascertained. In the event of any disagreement over liability, damage, or loss, Vastardis Yachting shall retain the relevant security deposit paid until the dispute is resolved.

Retention of the security deposit will not in any way limit or prejudice any claim over and above the sum of the security deposit paid, where the loss or damage was in excess of the security deposit and was either caused by or pertains to illegal actions, fraudulent behaviour, or gross negligence or reckless conduct of Charterer, or where under any circumstances the insured under the yacht’s insurance policy will not receive full compensation for loss or damage suffered, due to Charterer’s actions or omissions. The charterer shall then remain liable for the balance of any such losses or damages incurred over and above the sum of the security deposit by the charterer.

Charter Rates Include


Obligatory Extra


Charter Rates Do Not Include


Optional Crew Services

  • Freelance Skipper: €190 / day
  • Freelance Hostess: €170 / day
  • Freelance Cook: €180 / day

(All prices do not include provisioning.)

Crew provisioning is to be provided by the charterer in arrangement with the crew. The charterer shall also provide the crew with a sleeping cabin/berth, and a shower/toilet to be designated for them onboard.

Vastardis Yachting only aids in finding and hiring local freelance crew directly from the charterer without any surcharge or other fee; facilitating such an arrangement between the charterer and freelance crew does not impose any responsibility on Vastardis Yachting arising from the performance of services by the crew. Vastardis Yachting is not to be considered to have acted as a crew agent or employer but merely introduced parties. As such, VY makes no representations or warranties as to crew services nor assumes any liability for any whatsoever act, fault, omission, or negligence of the crew.

See Crew Terms & Conditions (below)

Crew Change

  • price is €100

In case a crew change is requested (above 75% of crew changes), it can be available only in all our charter bases, including paperwork and formalities. Yacht cleaning and laundry are not included.

Optional Equipment Arrangements

  • Stand-up paddleboard (SUP): €150/week
  • Safety Net (installed): €150/charter

All extras are subject to availability and payable prior to embarkation by the charterer in cash, credit card, or if agreed differently. Listed prices include local taxes and VAT calculated as per current rates applicable and valid to this date (VAT 24%), subject to change without prior notice or responsibility of the broker, the stakeholder, or the supplier.

All bookings are subject to these terms. Any special booking conditions laid out in the Vastardis Yachting offer statement and charter party terms will form an integral part of the agreement. By requesting to proceed with the booking, the charterer and broker(s) acknowledge having read, understood and agreed to all applicable terms and conditions of the booking. By taking delivery of the yacht, Charterer confirms to have read, understood, and agreed to without modification all Charter Party Terms and assumes full responsibility pursuant to those terms, even if Charterer has not signed himself or at all the Charter Party.

Bookings are confirmed and binding for Vastardis Yachting only when:

  1. A duly signed Charter Party/Charter Confirmation has been provided, and
  2. The first payment has been cleared in the Vastardis Yachting bank account within the deadlines set in the booking agreement.

Vastardis Yachting reserves the right to, without any prejudice nor liability and without the obligation for prior notice, treat any booking for which documentation and/or payments have not been provided within the deadlines set forth in the booking agreement and in compliance with agreed terms, as having been cancelled by Charterer.

Crew Terms and Conditions

For every skippered charter, both the charterer and the skipper or hostess are required to read, understand, and sign the Crew Terms and Conditions document before embarking on their sailing trip.

At all times, the charterer and the crew are responsible for informing the office ASAP in the unlikely event that the situation onboard the yacht becomes unpleasant or uncomfortable between them.

Skipper’s and Hostess/Steward’s fees will be delivered by the charterer on-site, prior to embarkation, to the stakeholder’s charter base manager and never directly to the skipper, host, or steward.

By Greek law, if the client wishes, he/she has the right to sign a private contract with the skipper.

1. All Parties acknowledge to have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Charter Party for chartering the yacht and shall make sure to comply with those terms and conditions and with all applicable Law. Delivery and re-delivery of the yacht shall be performed by Skipper who is hereby duly authorized by Charterer to perform all procedures and sign all documents on his behalf.
2. At a suitable moment, once the Charterer and his party have joined the yacht, the Skipper should deliver a short briefing, in which he explains the basic safety procedures and other issues of concern. These may include, but are not limited to, use of yacht and equipment, general safety and security onboard, emergency equipment and procedures, the use of water sports equipment, smoking, drugs prohibition, children safety and supervision, proper conduct when in port. This should also include details of any local laws/ restrictions as necessary.
3. The Skipper is responsible for the navigation of the yacht, mooring, anchoring and maneuvering and for keeping the deck and cockpit of the yacht in good, clean and fully functional condition, also for managing the refilling of water and fuel of the yacht and of the outboard engine and for processing port formalities, all on Charterer’s expense. Other tasks such as interior cleaning, cooking, etc. are not part of Skipper’s obligations. Charterer warrants that he/she or another member of the crew possess required seamanship and competence in sailing for this trip and shall assist when necessary the Skipper with sailing / anchoring / berthing / mooring the yacht, by following the instructions and guidance given by the Skipper and in compliance with the Greek Maritime Law which requires that upon the yacht should be 1 skipper (with official license) and 1 co-skipper (with either official license or signed Sailing Declaration Form). Furthermore, as required by the Greek Maritime Law and the rules of good seamanship worldwide, Charterer shall ensure that himself and all passengers aboard will at all times comply with all safety instructions as announced by the Skipper.
4. Unless otherwise agreed, Skipper shall navigate the yacht for up to a maximum of 6-8 hours daily according to weather conditions. It is essential for the crew to daily get a good rest as they are responsible for the yacht 24 hrs. The Skipper should never leave the yacht unattended and should stay alert during day and night to ensure the safety of all crew and material into account. Skipper shall never enter and leave ports under sail but exclusively motoring, however he shall use the sails of the yacht as much as possible unless the Charterer wishes to motor or wind conditions do not allow sailing at all.
5. Skipper shall consult with Charterer for the desired sailing itinerary and will always make best effort to satisfy the Charterer’s leisure requirements but does not warrant feasibility of itinerary for all cruises and passages within the cruising area. Safety and comfort of all persons aboard shall be of primary concern and Skipper will at all times ascertain the nautical skills, physical condition and capability of all persons aboard together with the prevailing and forecasted sea and weather conditions so as to decide on itinerary and on whether to spend any night at anchor in bay or berthed at port. Skipper is however bound to provide Charterer with reasonable evidence and explanation of his decisions, then mutually agree on an alternative plan with Charterer.
6. Skipper and Hostess/Steward duties are not to be confused with those of a “guide” or local “host” but they should both respond to the best of their knowledge to any Charterer’s request for tourist information and share all knowledge they happen to have (such as interesting anchorages, sights and spots, museums, restaurants, nightlife, attractions, water sport centers etc.).
7. Charterer assumes full responsibility for all crew and materials into account, shall care for the yacht as his own and remain liable for damages that he or the rest of the passengers may cause to the yacht, her equipment or inventory, but Skipper shall be responsible for all damages caused while sailing, motoring, anchoring, mooring and maneuvering the yacht on condition that such are attributed to his own acts or omissions either willful or negligent.
8. Hostess / Steward shall do the daily shopping and prepare and serve each day breakfast and a light meal (lunch or dinner). Provisions shall be made and meals will be prepared so as to meet the preferences declared by the Charterer in advance, to the extent permitted by local market availability of items, paying careful attention to all special nutritional needs and restrictions set by the Charterer (such as vegetarian restrictions, gluten tolerance, type of meat, wine picking, etc.). Hostess / Steward will assist skipper in all of his duties under his instructions and shall take care of cleaning of communal areas of the yacht daily.
9. Children have to be under the supervision of an adult or nanny of the charter party at all times and neither Skipper nor Steward/Hostess are intended to provide children supervision or nanny services. Any additional services provided by the hostess should be agreed in advance.
10. All food and drinks are on Charterer’s expense, including food & drinks for Skipper and Hostess/Steward which are to be provided by Charterer. The clients are not obliged to eat at a restaurant with the crew. The crew will accompany the clients to eat at a restaurant only if the clients request it so.
11. Charterer shall provide the Skipper and Hostess/Steward with sleeping cabin/berth and shower/toilet use to be designated to them onboard.
12. Skipper and Hostess/Steward will make best effort to provide Charterer and his party with privacy aboard and perform their professional duties with discretion and professionalism.
13. Skipper’s and Hostess/Steward’s fees will be delivered by Charterer, on spot, prior to embarkation, to Stakeholder’s charter base manager and never directly to Skipper/ Hostess/Steward.
14. Charterer acknowledges that he has requested from Owner Company Vastardis Yachting to locally assist him in finding and hiring a skipper and/or hostess and that neither Brokers nor the Owner of the yacht have any liability or other responsibility arising from the performance of skipper and Hostess/Steward services or under any provisions of this agreement.
15. Skipper and Hostess/Steward acknowledge they are at all times responsible for the collection, withholding, remittance and payment of the applicable taxes due on the total amount of the service price to the relevant tax authorities and that neither Brokers nor Owner of the yacht act as sellers of their services.
16. At all times the Charterer and the Crew are responsible to inform ASAP the office in the unlikely event that the situation onboard the yacht becomes unpleasant or uncomfortable between them.

Name & Signature

The Charterer


Name & Signature

The Skipper


Name & Signature

The Hostess


Sailing qualifications

No license is required by charter clients for skippered or crewed charters.
Bareboat charters in Greece mandate that there must be at least one certified sailing yacht kipper and one experienced crewmember, both over 18 years old. License requirements for bareboat charters in Greece are summarized to those applicable for offshore, open sea sailing (>12nm) during day & nightandanycertificationmustbeinEnglish. The skipper should be competent at handling a yacht in confined quarters, anchoring, berthing, and mooring in varying conditions and be able to use navigation and pilotage skills to ensure the safety of the yacht and all passengers and materials into account, at all times.

Sailing Certificates which are commonly rejected by the Port Authority, by reason of explicit limitation of sailing:

  1. During daylight only,
  2. In inland or coastal (<20nm from shore) waters only,
  3. In the specific geographic region
  4. Powerboat/motor yacht only,
  5. Sailing vessels of maximum LOA which is less than that of the chartered yacht.

Co-Skipper should be of “Competent Crew” level or a similar/equivalent certification from any recognized sailing association. Co-skippers lacking relevant certification may instead sign a declaration of sailing experience required by the Port Authority. In skippered charters, one of the charter clients must be the co-skipper.

Yacht Insurance

All yachts are insured in compliance with Port State regulations against all accidental damage, including damage to third parties. Insurance does include coverage for yachthulls, machinery, and equipment, as well as for third-party liability.

Theft or loss of personal belongings of any person aboard, and likewise, all accidents involving charter travellers, are excluded from the scope of this insurance.
Yacht insurance may not cover an insurable event caused or connected to wilful misuse, gross negligence, fraudulent behaviour, illegal activity, or breach of charter terms (including any indebtedness created by non-payment of repairs, or of refuelling or of berth dues, etc.). The insurance coverage includes a deductible provision, which applies per insurable event, hance an excess security deposit to be borne by the charterer.

Other Insurance

Except for the yacht insurance stated above, no other insurance is included. For the purpose of clarity, the yacht charter does not include skipper liability, travel, personal items, personal accidents, trip cancellations, or trip curtailment insurance. It is strongly recommended that all persons embarking on the yacht should obtain adequate and valid travel insurance and that the skipper obtain Skipper’s Liability Insurance.