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ACI marina Split, with the harbors of two sailing clubs, protected by solid rock breakwater from southerly winds and rough seas, offers a glorious view of Split and its center – Diocletian’s Palace. It is at ACI Marina Split that the Split Lungomare begins; the longest and most certainly one of the most beautiful promenades in the Adriatic. ACI marina Split was awarded the prize “Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia” for third place in 2017 in the category of the best medium marina on the Adriatic, while in 2017 received the award for second place. ACI marina split is also the winner of the prestigious Blue Flag Award.

Uvala Baluni 7, 21000, Split, Croatia

Getting to split Marina

The city port of Split is a large ferry port, requiring extra caution when approaching. Ships leaving the port have the right of way in maneuvering, which it is advisable not to disrupt. It is also forbidden to anchor in any part of the port, except in emergencies. The port is entered through a wide passage marked by lights and daytime markings. When approaching the port, the following landmarks can be used: the prominent bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Domnius; Cape Sustipan; and a stone monument to seafarers in the shape of a lighthouse, which is in fact a lighted stone obelisk (Fl(2) W 20s 54m 10M). On the port (left-hand) side of the stony Cape Sustipan, there is a red tower with a red light (Fl R 6s 9m 5M), while on the starboard (right-hand) side of the entrance to the port, on the head of the main breakwater, there is a prominent green lighthouse (Fl G 6s 11m 10M), equipped with a fog signal and 30-second horn. When approaching ACI’s marina, white rocks can be seen on the wooded peninsula of Sustipan, as can the inside breakwater at the eastern entrance to the marina, marked by a red tower with a column, gallery, and light (Fl R 2s 6m 3M). The reception building, restaurants, and workshops in the marina are also visible. When approaching the marina and the small ports to the west of it, steer closer to the head of the inside breakwater. As the area of the newly-built western waterfront has not been surveyed hydrographically, berthing there is forbidden, except when approaching the fuel station.

Sailing Itineraries from split

If you enjoy sailing, historical exploration, nightlife, the peace and quiet of numerous isolated bays, or all of the aforementioned activities combined, ACI Marina Split is the ideal location from which to explore the Dalmatian coast. It offers a wide range of opportunities for those who enjoy these activities. Due to Skradin's location in the middle of the Croatian coast, travelling to any of the country's 79 recognised islands or 500 unofficial islets is a breeze. The islands of the Kornati Archipelago are a short journey to the north, while the islands that surround Split are a similar distance to the south.

The archipelago of the Kornati Islands
The magnificent islands of the Kornati Archipelago, of which the most southernmost are protected as part of the Kornati National Park, are included on our itinerary recommendation for travelling to the region to the north of Skradin. These islands are mostly devoid of inhabitants and have breathtaking rock formations and waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling for extended periods of time. Those who are able to tear themselves away from the water will find that the islands offer many opportunities for hiking and visiting historical sites. Some of these sites include the Church of Gospe, which was constructed in the 16th century, and the Byzantine fortress of Tureta, which was constructed during the 6th century.

The Islands That Are Split
The islands that may be found off the coast of the city of Split can be found to the south of Skradin. These islands provide a very different experience from those found further to the north. Kornati is the largest and most inhabited of the group, and it features a number of old towns that are just waiting to be discovered. The islands of Hvar, Brac, and Vis are among the most popular destinations, although those who have very specific interests or preferences have a wide variety of alternative possibilities to choose from. Simply get in touch with us to receive our recommendations and our charter crew will be more than delighted to assist you in organising the perfect sailing vacation around the Dalmatian Coast.

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